Located on the banks of the Swan River in East Perth, the 40-hectare Riverside project is transforming the city’s eastern gateway. 

Riverside will be a cosmopolitan waterfront community and tourist destination with a range of entertainment, commercial, retail, civic and residential uses that take advantage of its unique location. 

Bordered by Adelaide Terrace and the Causeway to the south, the project will integrate with sporting and educational icons such as the WACA, Gloucester Park and Trinity College.

As part of the Riverside project, the flagship Waterbank precinct will feature a natural beach area surrounded by public promenades, green open space including a water play area, and a direct connection from Hay Street to the Swan River with a new river pier. 

Media gallery

  • Riverside aerial view
    Riverside aerial view
  • Waterbank precinct - view from the Swan River
    Waterbank precinct - view from the Swan River
  • View from Queens Riverside
    Queens Riverside
  • Water bank precinct - view from the Swan River
    Waterbank precinct - view from the Swan River
  • QII outside facade
    Queens Riverside apartments
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Creating new connections and catering for the growing number of people who will live, work and socialise in the Riverside area is an important part of the project. Some short term road diversions will be required while new roads and services are constructed. See the works update page for further details. The project has been planned around people and the growing needs of Perth. Riverside will have quality public transport facilities and a street and building layout that supports walking and cycling.

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Delivery Phases

  1. Concept master planning - complete
  2. Queens Riverside Fraser Suites Perth - opened October 2012
  3. Expected completion of Queens Riverside QIII - 2014
  4. Expected commencement of construction on the Waterbank site - 2014
  5. Public works construction and creation of development sites - ongoing
  6. Expected completion of Waterbank site - 2020
  7. Expected completion of Riverside project - 2020 onwards