Max Light Rail

Max Light Rail

Metro Area Express, or MAX, is Perth’s proposed 22 km light rail network that will run from Mirrabooka in the north to the CBD, before splitting into two branches to Victoria Park Transfer Station in the east (via the Causeway) and to QEII Medical Centre in the west (via West Perth). 

This visionary project will introduce a new era of public transport in Perth, supporting the city’s transformation by providing a frequent, high-capacity service in the inner-north and central west and eastern suburbs of Perth. 

Essentially a modern tram system using electric rail cars, the new light rail system is quiet and efficient and will be built on existing streets but largely separated from general traffic. The project is a catalyst for city change, being coordinated with land-use planning with the intention of stimulating revitalisation and new developments along the proposed alignment.

Due to critical State budget pressures, the State Government has deferred the MAX Light Rail project for three years, which will see overall completion of the project by late 2022. 

The MAX Light Rail project is a transformational project, and the State Government is committed to delivering the project in full. The revised timeframe will see a call for tenders in early-2018, construction commencing in 2019, with first services running by late 2022.

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  • Artist impression Max Light Rail
    Artist impression Max Light Rail
  • MAX Vehicle livery
    MAX vehicle livery
  • MAX Proposed Light Rail Network image
    MAX proposed Light Rail network
  • Max Light Rail suburban station image
    Max Light Rail suburban station
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